What We Do...

We offer our customer a range of high quality general mechanical, electrical and instrumentation work for energy conservation (HVAC) including: System Planning, Installation, System Optimation, System Engineering, Installation Study, Construction Management and System Maintenance.

We are an Engineering, Procurement and Constructions (EPC) Services Company.

Our services are in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation works for energy conservation (HVAC).

Corporate Value:

  • help our customers to be more successful
  • form the best team in the industry
  • ensure sustainable development
  • earn a premium company profit

We have always set great store in trusting partnerships with our customers, employees, investors, other constructors, neighbors and society and aligning our activities using our corporate values guidelines.

We believe that a high corporate culture that customer satisfaction on every services we gave them and innovation in our working process will give a maximum result to develop our company values.



Detailed Calculations for Heating, Cooling, Volume, Pressurisation and Noise

P & IDs and Flow Diagrams

HVAC Philosophy and Control Philosophy

Electrical Schematics

Cause & Effect Charts

Material Take Off Lists

Data Sheets

Duct Routings/ Penetrations

Surveys and Trouble Shooting

Full HVAC System Commissioning


We supply all equipment and machineries necessary for the project.

We procure both local and import materials and goods for mechanical and electrical construction.

We provide general and custom components in mechanical and electrical system for our customer’s constructions project.

Our network can giving our customers with best services with our credo

“On Site on Time – Best Quality Best Price”

wherever the projects are.


We provide an installation services for all mechanical and electrical installations or constructions.

The best team and work planning is our success key in every project we handled.

We gave customers a

"save feelings"

with our on time and clean work and continues to deliver excellent service to the clients.


Our maintenance services including regular maintenance in every mechanical and electrical system in the building, malfunctions repairing and spare parts replacements.

We give our customers 24 hours a day with 7 days in a week complaint facility for our customer with quick respond.